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3Ply 4Ply Laminate

3Ply 4Ply Laminate

Ultrafoil complies with the standards

Ultrafoil complies with the standards and regulations in terms of safety, hygiene, quality and offers medical packaging and pharmaceutical sachets solutions to numerous applications.


  • Paper 45 to 65 gsm
  • PET 10 to 12 micron
  • Foil 6.5 to 30 micron
  • Poly 15 to 60 micron

Laminates For Powder Sachets

We produce laminates for Powder
drugs with the following specifications:

  • High mechanical performance
  • Sealing layer suitable for critical conditions
  • Compliance with international regulations
  • Paper or plastic-based
  • Glue or extrusion lamination
Working since 2014

Ultra Foil is the
preferred choice for supplies

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