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Alu Alu Foil

Alu Alu Foil

Cold Formed OPA/Al/PVC Sandwiched Foil For Blister Packs
About Cold Formed Alu Alu Foil

Cold formed aluminum foil is at the heart of alu alu OPA/Al/PVC sandwich foils used for pharmaceutical blister pack applications because of their inherently superior advantages. Aluminum, even in micron thickness, is the best vapor and light barrier besides providing aesthetic shine for pharmaceutical blister packs.


What makes the difference is the way in which we use quality raw materials and the manufacturing process to create world class sandwiched OPA/Al/PVC foils of consistent quality at affordable prices. From selection of alu foil to the polymer films to in process checks and final product test, our foils pass all tests and assure safety of your products.


Ultra Foil alu alu foils possess distinctive features that put them in a class apart:

  • 100% barrier to moisture, air, gases, light
  • Maximum fracture-free forming capabilities ensures “zero defect”
  • Superior process results in long term de-lamination resistance
  • Wide range of color and print options
  • Superior forming characteristics
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • USFDA approved—active drug master filed

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of using Ultra Foil alu-alu foil for blister packs:

  • The most rigorous quality checks at all stages to ensure peace of mind and guaranteed risk free use
  • Maximum protection and extended shelf life
  • Consistency, reliability and affordability
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