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Tropical Blister Foil

Tropical Blister Foil

OPA/Al/VC sandwich compound layered aluminum hard strip in roll form

Ultra Foil tropical blister foils are designed for use as final packaging of pharmaceuticals into flexible foil pouch on high speed high output lines. These tropical blister foils feature sandwich layered construction of OPA/Al/VC manufactured on automated digitally controlled equipments to assure consistency, reliability and extreme functionality allied with aesthetics.

Our quality control department and our focus on use of specifically chosen materials blended into the perfect manufacturing process assures no stress cracks, highest degree of sealing to provide an impenetrable barrier, flexibility of the film, ease of use and looks in a perfect package. Ultra Foil uses only imported, specifically chosen polymer films, heat seal lacquer and aluminum foil. In addition, we manufacture in-house our proprietary blend of HS formulations to assure total reliability.

Applications: Blister packs and flexible pouch for pharmaceuticals.

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